By Lisa Lentz

Everyone knows someone who was affected by flooding in our state.  Unfortunately, there has been over $85 million in damages to private homes and businesses. 

Less than 1% of homes in Nebraska are covered by the National Flood Insurance Program.  There have been 955 flood insurance claims in Nebraska, in the amount of just a little under $3 million.  That leaves over 82 million dollars in damage that flood insurance won’t cover. 

Mortgage companies are still going to expect payment on those properties, regardless of the damage.  This could leave a huge number of people without the means to repay their mortgage.    The expense of cleanup could also make it impossible to pay other debts.

So, what if someone really can’t afford to pay their debts and they need help? 

When the floods hit, we really wanted to do something to help those affected.  We discussed a supply drive or donations…  John suggested to do what he knows best, and that is help people out of a bad financial situation.  So, he is taking a limited number of bankruptcy cases for free.  We are also offering significant discounts to anyone affected by the flooding. 

If you call 211 in the state of Nebraska, that will put you in touch with resources in your area.

If you need other legal help, try calling the Nebraska State Bar Association’s Volunteer Lawyer Project

or Legal Aid of Nebraska 

About the author: Lisa is the client relations manager from Lepant and Lentz. Her main job is to make sure that people know that the firm’s attorney John Lentz is here to help. She also reaches out to people who have had consultations and current clients to make sure they have everything they need.